New Jersey Poll Pad Training

Hello and welcome to Poll Pad! Poll Pad is an electronic pollbook used to check in voters during early voting and election day. Poll Pad’s secure system enables the voter to check in and be provided with the correct ballot associated with their residential address. Thank you for your service as a pollworker, now let’s get started!
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Training Courses

To be a Certified Poll Pad, Pollworker you must complete ALL of the available training courses. This will include watching each segment’s content in its entirety and passing a certification quiz once you have completed all the training courses. Complete each segment in the order they are listed before proceeding to the next (ex: Course 1, Course 2, etc). If you have any questions please contact the site administrator. Good luck!

Quick Start Overview

Click "START" under the COURSE 1 tile to begin your path to Poll Pad, Pollworker Certification. After completing a course lesson the progress bar for that course will display "100% COMPLETE." You will then be granted access to the next course in the certification sequence.

Completing Certification

Following completion of Courses 1-5 you will be required to pass the Course 6 "Final Certification Quiz" to receive your official Poll Pad, Pollworker certification and certificate. You will have two (2) opportunities to pass the "Final Certification Quiz" with a passing score of 75%. If you do not pass the quiz after two (2) attempts you will be asked to contact the course certification manager to review and establish next steps. Good luck!

Course 1: Unpacking Poll Pad Components


Course 2: Poll Pad Assembly


Course 3: Poll Pad Homescreen and Icon Confirmation


Course 4: Processing Voters


Course 5: Troubleshooting


Final Certification Quiz